We’ve collected some of the best wig care tips and wig advice we’ve heard over the years, from our team of experts and our lovely community of wig wearers, to bring you 12 essential tips in one expert wig care guide. If you’re new to wig care or wearing a wig in general, have a look at our beginner’s guide to wig-wearing!

In this post, we cover different wig types, personalising your wig, wig maintenance and wig care, natural-looking wigs, wig styling ideas and a few extra synthetic and human hair wig care tips to finish off.

Choosing a Synthetic or Human Hair Wig:

It’s an age-old question amongst the wig-wearing community, with pros and cons to both. In terms of wig care tips, our experts recommend having a variety so that you are fully equipped with a range of wigs for all occasions. Ultimately though, it depends on your own style and habits.

Tip one:

If you want to restyle your wig with heated products regularly, then a human hair wig would suit you, as heated products on most synthetic wigs are a no-go unless you specifically buy a heat-resistant wig.

If you prefer your wig to keep its style for as long as possible, with minimal effort, then a synthetic wig may suit you better. To fully understand the benefits these wig types can provide, check out our blog on synthetic vs human hair wigs.

Tip two: Cutting your wig

The idea of taking some scissors to your wig may make you feel uneasy, but just in the same way that you wouldn’t cut your own hair unless you’re confident in your hairdressing ability, you wouldn’t cut your wig unless you felt comfortable with the scissors. If you want to add a fringe, layers or give it a tidy up, then take your wig to your local hairdresser to reshape your wig in a way that’s more suited to your own personal style. It’s hard to reverse the damage to a wig, so we definitely recommend visiting a specialist if you’re unsure about anything!

Tip three: Add your own accessories

One of our favourite hair care tips for wigs is making your wig your own; personalising your wig with various hair accessories and scarves can really give it that personal touch. We’d also recommend trying something new as your style may have evolved since the last time you tried on a hair accessory, and it might just be the missing ingredient to complete a look.

Maintenance and Wig Care Instructions:

Tip four:

To keep your wig looking fresher for longer, you need to make sure that you use the correct wig care products based on the type of wig you wear; ensuring you buy the relevant products for synthetic and human hair wigs.

Tip five:

There’s no better way to refresh your wig than by giving it a was with your special wig shampoo and conditioner. However, an important hair care tip for wigs is to use the correct method of washing your wig to ensure that no damage occurs during the process. Although very similar in terms of the processes, there are a few differences between washing a human hair wig and washing a synthetic wig. Luckily, we have an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for both!

Tip six: Choose a natural-looking wig

Wig care tips to achieve a natural look is a commonly researched topic, and having a natural-looking wig can be extremely important for many wig wearers. The best way to achieve a natural look is to ensure that you find a wig that matches your skin tone. If a wig is too dark, it can make you look washed out, and something too light can look unnatural and give the game away. Most people know their natural hair colour and find that something as close to this as possible is the best way to keep things looking natural. Learn how to match your wig colour to your skin tone.

Tip Seven: consider shine-free synthetic wigs

If you have a synthetic wig that you feel doesn’t look natural, this could be due to the nature of the fibres in the wig. Never fear though, there are ways that you can remove the shine from these wigs so that they look more natural and blend in. For example, you may wish to use a powder or wash your wig to remove any excess shine. Learn about the best methods for removing shine from a synthetic wig.

Wig Styling Tips:

Tip eight: The importance of styling products

Similarly to washing and maintaining a wig, when it comes to wig styling, you need to make sure you are using products that are designed for the type of wig you have. Wig spray is a great styling product to ensure your style holds but without any stickiness, with various brands catering for either synthetic or human hair wigs.

Tip nine: Try different hairstyles

In terms of wig styling tips, we would always recommend that you try different styles and play around with your own style. Practicality is key, though, with summer hairstyles of ponytails and braids perfect for reducing sweat in the warmer months; check out our tips for putting a lace-front wig in a ponytail on our blog!

Tip ten: Embrace a new colour

Although sticking to your original hair colour is great for achieving a natural look, you shouldn’t be scared to try something new if you fancy a change. Seasonal change is often a good place to start, going a few shades lighter or darker than normal rather than a completely different colour altogether. Learn how to choose the right wig colour for you.

Tip eleven: Get your wig ready in advance

When giving wig advice, we’ve always found how well-received planning tips are, which is why we recommend that if possible, you always have two wig options readily available. It makes things a lot easier if you are washing one wig, have an unexpected wig mishap, and the wig gets damaged, or in case you change your mind on what style you want to wear that day. If you have two wigs, with one always on standby and ready to wear, you’re always prepared for any situation.

Tip twelve: Be your fabulous self

What it always comes down to when wearing a wig is how you feel in it. Make sure you feel comfortable and feel confident in yourself when wearing your wig. We appreciate this is much easier said than done on some days, but if you take a step back and just be yourself, you’ll find that you’ll grow more and more confidence over time and feel and look fabulous in your wig in no time at all.

Wig Care Tips Summary: wig care dos and don’ts


dry your wig naturally – blot your wig with a towel after washing and then hang it on a wig stand for 3-4 hours until dry.

store your wig properly, upright on a wig stand, for example, and cover the wig to avoid it getting dusty.

ask a specialist about styling and wig maintenance if you’re unsure.

style your wig using hair products specially designed for your wig, whether synthetic or human hair.


use normal hair spray on your wig, as this will make your wig harder to style over time. Try a specially designed wig hair spray instead.

use heat on your wig, as this can severely affect the longevity of your wig.

sleep in your wig unless you have a lot of time in the morning to spend detangling!

shower in your wig – in fact, try to avoid contact with water altogether if you can!

neglect your own hair, make sure that you take the time to maintain your natural locks too. Investing in a wig cap might help!

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