The Butterfly Eyeliner Trend Is the Prettiest Ode to Y2K Beauty

Unless you live under a rock, you'll know that the butterfly motif is a defining symbol of 1990s and Y2K fashion and beauty. The latest? Butterfly liner. It's joining the likes of butterfly lashes (the ultra-fanned-out, winged lash look favoured by Dua Lipa) and butterfly clips (the throwback nineties and noughties hair accessory that we're fully obsessed with once again) as yet another way to nod back to the trend.

Made popular by Mariah Carey (who named her 1997 album Butterfly) alongside the butterfly-print T-shirts and bags we wore with our tinted gem-encrusted sunglasses and tiny shoulder bags, the butterfly motif is back and like the insect itself, it has undergone a colourful transformation since its origins. The trend has metamorphosed into increasingly creative outlets that nod to the OG butterfly shape or colors without recreating it completely (like the butterfly lashes we mentioned earlier).

We spotted Hailey Bieber introducing the trend this week when she posted a picture that showcased her makeup look on her Instagram. Wearing a winged-out black liner along her top lash line with a flash of butterfly blue along her waterline and ultra fluttery lashes, Bieber captioned the post with a slew of butterfly emojis and the waving hand emoji. It looks as though she took inspiration from the vivid blue butterfly colour that was popular in the '90s as well as the delicate winged shape when putting together the look.

We love that it offers a more subtle and grown-up way of jumping onto the trend if you like to keep things more minimal. And the kaleidoscopic colors in which butterflies come mean you can play around with a whole spectrum of shades to introduce as a color pop along the waterline.

Elsewhere, we've seen more blatant takes on the trend with pretty, playful, bright, and intricate interpretations of butterfly liner — including floating and deconstructed renditions and even some extra fluttery winged action around lashes. Whichever your vibe, there's a pretty way into the trend that works for your tastes.

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