10 Kitchen Tips To Help Your Kitchen Run Like A Restaurant

Here are a few game-changing things to remember before getting crazy in your kitchen.

Eliminate that Tupperware smell by packing them with newspaper.
Vegetables in plastic containers
No one's really sure why, but crumpling up newspaper and stacking it into smelly Tupperware overnight has been known to finally get rid of bad odors. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your containers after the fact, as newspapers aren't exactly clean.
Prevent bubbling over with a wooden spoon.
Saucepan of homemade vanilla custard and cooking spoon
If any of your pots are boiling over, quickly place a wooden spoon across the rim—that'll settle the frothy bubbles and prevent more over-boiling.
Use rubbing alcohol to clean stainless steel.Tea kettle on the stove
Put some on a few cotton balls and have at it!
Run your potatoes through the dishwasher.
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Seriously, it's a foolproof way of cleaning your dirty vegetables when hand-washing won't suffice. Make sure there's no soap in the machine, of course, and a simple rinsing cycle will do the trick.
Heat a dish towel in the microwave to get rid of fish smell.
cleaning inside of microwave oven
Trust us: If you put some dish soap on your dish rag, heat the rag itself for a few minutes, leave the rag in the microwave for about half an hour, return to the rag, and wipe the walls of the microwave down, you will be free of that fishy microwave smell that's been plaguing you since, well, the last time you microwaved fish.

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