24 Unexpected Ways to Turn a Lemon Into a Life Hack


When life hands you lemons, read these.


Lemonade is fantastic, but it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the things you can make and do with lemons. There are so many other exciting and genuinely helpful ways to put that little yellow fruit to good use. As someone who's never been able to get through a full bag of lemons before they go bad, I'm thrilled about this news. In the past, I'd use one or two, usually for salad dressings, and forget about the rest until they were shrunken, hard, and basically unusable. Or the opposite: moldy and gross. Either way, not a good look.

I know that you can use the juice, pulp, and even the rind to make just about anything, not just food and drinks. Lemons are great for cleaning, and you can use them to sterilize your microwave, deodorize your fridge, or even get berry stains off of your hands. And then there are the craftier ideas like turning them into essential oils, gourmet finishing salts, or even homemade limoncello, all of which are so easy, you'll find yourself wanting to try them out even if you're not big on DIYing.

Bookmark one of these 24 hacks for the next you have a mountain of lemons to get through.


1. Use the zest and juice to make fancy finishing salts.


This hack is super easy and it makes a ton of salt. Packed up in cute jars, the salt also makes a great gift.

2. Clean your microwave in no time with some slices.


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